I don't see any tabs and can't create any ToDos after restoring 2Do's database

If you migrated from 2Do lite to 2Do full or simply restored the database file and can no longer add ToDos or Calendar Tabs and don’t see it functioning at all, then the restore actually failed.

Please ensure you have upgraded to 2Do v1.2.1 or above. Then, open 2Do and go back into Sync->Backup and switch the webserver ON. You will need to restore the file again.

This time try a different browser, such as Firefox. When you restore the database file, the Browser should immediately refresh and show you the exact same page as it did, however this time the 2do.db file should be updated.

If it shows you a ’ Cannot Display Page’ or an Error Page of some sort OR 2Do immediately quits, then the restore process did not go well. Some browsers can cause this to happen. You will need to try again until the page refresh and 2Do does NOT automatically quit. Another thing you could try is that once you have entered the IP address into the address bar of your browser, select the address bar URL and tap the Enter key on your keyboard to force a refresh and then try restoring the db file again.

If however all attempts fail and you still are not able to restore the database file. The simple way to get 2Do to work (without the restore) is to delete 2Do and re-install it. Tapping Buy Now in iTunes to download it again will not charge you again.

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