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Which sync method should I use?
Viewed 271,450.00 times since Tue, May 21, 2013
TLDR; Dropbox is the recommended sync method. 2Do supports synchronization between multiple Macs, iOS and Android devices running a copy of the app. With sync set up, your lists and tasks will appear on all devices without any extra effort on your... Read More
Will you develop 2Do for Windows?
Viewed 83,839.00 times since Sat, Dec 29, 2012
Unfortunately there are no plans to develop a Windows version at this time. Read More
How do I use the search feature to look for tags, actions, and other stuff?
Viewed 81,935.00 times since Fri, Apr 9, 2010
NOTE: On 2Do for Mac please checkout the Search section under the User Manual (2Do > Menu > Help > 2Do User Manual). It describes and illustrates all of the features below in great length. You can always refer to an updated list of keywords... Read More
Where are backup files stored on my Mac?
Viewed 41,513.00 times since Sat, Jan 5, 2013
All backups are stored inside the following sandboxed directory: ~/Library/Containers/com.guidedways.TodoMac/Data/Library/Application Support/Backups Please note the ~ This is short for the currently logged in User's directory. A good way to... Read More
Pricing of 2Do on iOS and Mac
Viewed 33,710.00 times since Sat, Sep 20, 2014
2Do iOS costs $14.99 and comes bundled as a universal app, i.e. it's a two-in-one app that works on both iPhone and iPad. A single purchase will work on up to 5 iOS devices you own. Download it directly from the App Store. 2Do Mac costs $49.99 and... Read More
Will 2Do ever show iCal events and tasks together in the same list?
Viewed 33,264.00 times since Tue, Jun 9, 2015
No. But not because we don't want to, we just don't want their marriage to end up in a disaster.   Events can be thought of as rigid individuals, paranoid about punctuality. They're time based, and they won't let go of their... Read More
Does 2Do support IFTTT?
Viewed 30,615.00 times since Sun, Jul 13, 2014
Yes it does. You can setup IFTTT to forward an email to a selected email address and then link up your email account with 2Do. Read More
How do I add items to Checklists or Projects?
Viewed 29,187.00 times since Fri, Jan 15, 2010
2Do for Mac Click on the drop-down arrow next to the [+] button and click 'New sub-task'. You can also drag and drop tasks on other tasks to create sub-tasks. 2Do for iOS / Android You will need to first create a checklist or a project item.... Read More
How do I repair a corrupt database?
Viewed 28,540.00 times since Fri, May 12, 2017
2Do uses the industry standard, SQLite embedded database to store your data. SQLite is lightweight, fast and can perform automatic recovery of failed or incomplete transactions under normal circumstances. In the rare event of a power-failure, sudden... Read More
How do I import data from OmniFocus?
Viewed 21,430.00 times since Sat, Feb 6, 2016
Disclaimer: We haven't used OmniFocus so we don't really know, but recently a user shared the following steps, which should help you import data from OmniFocus (or other similar Task Managers). 1. Export your data from OmniFocus in CSV format 2.... Read More
Does 2Do support syncing with Exchange?
Viewed 21,142.00 times since Sat, Nov 22, 2014
No.  2Do currently only supports syncing with CalDAV servers (such as Fruux, Yahoo!, SabreDAV, Oracle, iCloud Reminders and so on), Dropbox and Toodledo. Although iCloud Reminders supports syncing with Exchange, and your Exchange account along... Read More
Which custom CalDAV servers are currently supported by 2Do?
Viewed 18,077.00 times since Tue, Nov 27, 2012
2Do for iOS v3.2 and v2.0 on Mac onwards support most 3rd party CalDAV servers out there, including iCal Server, ownCloud, Fruux, Oracle, Kerio, SabreDAV and so on.    2Do for Android has similar support starting v2.10 (when CalDAV sync got... Read More
Do you support Student Discounts?
Viewed 17,509.00 times since Thu, Jul 23, 2015
We offer a 20% discount to staff and students at educational institutions via our online store page. Please email us for educational pricing. Read More
Does 2Do support storing Evernote links?
Viewed 16,417.00 times since Mon, Dec 24, 2012
Yes. When creating or editing an task, simply drag a note from Evernote and drop on top of the 'Notes' area in 2Do. This will create a link which you can later click on to launch Evernote. Read More
Does Setapp membership on the Mac enable Pro features in iOS and Android?
Viewed 15,599.00 times since Wed, Sep 13, 2017
Setapp is a 3rd party service as you're aware, separate from the App Store. We recently announced that we will be distributing our Mac app through Setapp. This model works well for the Mac, as developers like ourselves can distribute our apps... Read More
I want a refund for my iOS / Mac app
Viewed 15,278.00 times since Wed, Jan 2, 2013
Refunds for iOS and Mac apps can only be issued by Apple's iTunes Customer Support. Please contact them directly, following the link from the email receipt you received. Developers cannot issue refunds themselves. If you purchased the macOS app... Read More
Does 2Do support printing tasks?
Viewed 15,227.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
In iOS you can currently only print notes attached to a task by tapping on it, and then tapping on the note. From there, tap on the top right 'more' button and tap 'Print'. Alternatively, you can select a bunch of tasks from the main Task List, tap... Read More
How do I completely uninstall 2Do from my Mac?
Viewed 14,691.00 times since Mon, Dec 24, 2012
If you have an app such as CleanMyMac, we'd highly recommend you use that to uninstall 2Do. If not, please read on: First, please open Terminal app and type the following and hit enter: defaults delete com.guidedways.TodoMac Next, please delete... Read More
Why are tasks due tomorrow showing in the Today Focus list?
Viewed 14,260.00 times since Mon, Nov 28, 2016
There are three instances where tasks due some time in the future suddenly show up under the Today focus list, which should in theory only show tasks due Today. You have Durations assigned to these tasks When you assign a duration to a task which... Read More
I archived a list but can’t see it in the Archived section in Preferences
Viewed 13,724.00 times since Sat, Nov 2, 2013
When you archive a list, it hides away and gets listed under Preferences > Security > Archived. If you wish to unarchive the list or wish to simply check which lists you've archived over time, you need to go back into Preferences > Security and... Read More
I don’t get any sound for my alarms, only a message
Viewed 13,276.00 times since Wed, Jan 20, 2010
Please ensure: 1) The Alarm you created was actually a 'Sound' alarm (the one with a Bell icon). On the Mac you need to select 'Message with Sound' when creating an alarm while on iOS / Android you need to tap on the Bell icon to create one. 2) For... Read More
I’d like to help translate 2Do
Viewed 13,011.00 times since Sat, Nov 2, 2013
2Do supports crowd sourced translations and if you don't see your language supported, you're most welcome to join and help:https://crowdin.net/project/2doapp/invite Read More
Does 2Do encrypt synced data?
Viewed 12,787.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
2Do uses a secure SSL connection when syncing to the cloud service of your choice (Dropbox, iCloud, CalDAV and Toodledo). It is then up to the selected cloud service to store the data however they wish to store it. The stored data is thus as secure... Read More
When I add a new task with a start date, it does not show in the list any more. I can only see it if I search for it.
Viewed 12,177.00 times since Fri, Nov 1, 2013
2Do for Mac v1.5 added a whole bunch of new features on top of the existing set without affecting how you used the app before. One of the cool new features is the ability to automatically hide Scheduled tasks, i.e. tasks that have a start date some... Read More
Are iOS , Mac and Android Licences sold separately?
Viewed 11,851.00 times since Thu, Sep 14, 2017
Yes. 2Do does not charge a monthly subscription and so going "Pro" on iOS and Android (via an in-app purchase) does not automatically entitle you to a free Mac license (and vice versa).  Read More
I click on New Smart List and nothing happens, how do I create a Smart List?
Viewed 11,527.00 times since Sat, Nov 2, 2013
Our manual explains using and creating Smart Lists quite well: http://www.2doapp.com/manual Essentially, Smart Lists are "Saved Searches", so in order to create a smart list, you need to first either apply a date filter, a tag filter, use one of the... Read More
Where can I find help / manual for the Mac app?
Viewed 11,359.00 times since Sun, Oct 14, 2012
2Do for Mac comes bundled with a user manual including illustrations and numerous step-by-step guides. Launch 2Do From the top Menu bar, click on Help > 2Do User Manual Read More
How do I setup sync with Fruux?
Viewed 11,100.00 times since Sat, Apr 11, 2015
2Do supports most, if not all, 3rd party CalDAV servers, including built-in support for Fruux. That means, it's as simple as entering your Fruux login and password in the Sync Setup screen and 2Do will perform all the discovering of services and... Read More
I see a ’Forbidden’ error message during sync with iCloud
Viewed 10,584.00 times since Sat, Nov 22, 2014
Please ensure you have updated to v3.5 on iOS and v2.0.1 on the Mac. If you are on these versions and still experience this issue, please write to us explaining what error you see. If you are seeing this when Replacing Server Data during sync:This... Read More
Sub-task due tomorrow for a project is still showing in the Today list on the Mac
Viewed 10,225.00 times since Tue, Apr 14, 2015
In 2Do for Mac, sub-tasks under a project will always be displayed - no matter which filter is currently in play (focus filter, smart filter and so on). The reasoning is pretty simple: when you collapse a project, your natural expectation is to... Read More
My data is only partially syncing
Viewed 10,053.00 times since Thu, Jun 11, 2015
If you are seeing no error messages and sync seems to be otherwise working just fine, but only part of your data seems to be syncing, you most probably have excluded some of your lists from syncing. 1. On your Phone, check 2Do > Settings > Sync >... Read More
Does 2Do support Proxy Configuration for using iCloud Sync?
Viewed 9,812.00 times since Tue, Dec 4, 2012
Support for automatic proxy detection has been added to v1.0.2. In the past 2Do was able to sync with Dropbox and Toodledo using automatic proxy configuration but this was broken for iCloud / CalDAV sync. The update fixes this and adds support for... Read More
The overdue / due counter for the list is showing an incorrect count
Viewed 9,528.00 times since Tue, Aug 5, 2014
Starting with 2Do iOS v3 and 2Do for Mac v1.6+, 2Do now includes overdue / due sub-tasks inside of projects. If you see an extra count but otherwise can visually see less number of tasks in that list, please ensure you do not have a sub-task that's... Read More
I can’t see my tasks any more! All I see is a ’Nothing in Focus’ message!
Viewed 9,440.00 times since Sat, Apr 11, 2015
Looks like you've accidentally switched ON the Focus filter and don't know what it is or how it works :-) Have no fear! First, to turn it off, locate a little 'sun' shaped button in the top right corner of the screen and toggle it off. This should... Read More
I see a EKT6323JY3 com guidedways 2DoHelper in Notification Center, what is this?
Viewed 9,116.00 times since Sat, Nov 24, 2012
EKT6323JY3.com.guidedways.2DoHelper is the helper app that deals with Quick Entry and Alerts when 2Do isn't running. It comes bundled with 2Do as a launch service. If under Preferences > General you have one of the two checked, you'll see the... Read More
I locked 2Do for Mac and have forgotten my password. How do I reset?
Viewed 8,970.00 times since Wed, Nov 14, 2012
On your mac if you locked 2Do with a password and now wish to reset it, follow these steps: Open the 'Keychain Access' app (spotlight for the word Keychain) Select 'Password' from under 'Category' from the list you see on your left Now search... Read More
Do you plan to add AppleScript support?
Viewed 8,885.00 times since Mon, Feb 3, 2014
Yes, it’s coming in a future update. Do note, you can currently link your emails from the Mail.app or AirMail.app in 2Do's notes by a simple drag and drop. Read More
Nothing happens when I click on the Action button on the Mac
Viewed 8,769.00 times since Thu, Nov 12, 2015
If the app crashes or nothing happens as you click on the Action button when editing a task, the correct permissions may not have been set on your Mac. The first time you click on action, your Mac will prompt you to give 2Do the permission to access... Read More
I purchased 2Do from the Mac App Store but it’s still saying X Days Trial Remaining
Viewed 8,677.00 times since Mon, Nov 12, 2012
If you've purchased 2Do from the Mac App Store after previously installing the trial version, please simply do the following: 1. Delete 2Do.app from Applications 2. Go back to 2Do on the Mac App Store and click on 'Install' to install again. This... Read More
I get a: A list by this name already exists error message but I can’t find any
Viewed 8,666.00 times since Sat, Nov 2, 2013
If you are seeing this error message and can't find the list, you've most probably archived it or hidden it. To find archived / hidden lists, please open Preferences > Security and look under the 'Privacy' and 'Archived' tabs. Read More
Can the Focus Filter be configured differently for each individual list?
Viewed 8,642.00 times since Tue, Dec 4, 2012
Starting with v1.0.2 (currently waiting for review at the time of writing), yes it can. This allows you to combine Focus Filters with Smart Lists and create complex search filters with just a few clicks. Previously the Focus Filter was a global... Read More
How to filter on a Tag and tasks due ’Today’?
Viewed 7,883.00 times since Mon, Apr 14, 2014
If you'd like to filter on tasks due Today with a particular tag (or any tags), click on the respected tag using the Tags Panel and then click on today's date on the bottom left calendar. Read More
Password that I enter won’t save. I am seeing a keychain error displayed.
Viewed 7,736.00 times since Tue, Sep 26, 2017
Login and password that you enter in 2Do, such as the one for your Reminders account, are stored in your account's Keychain. If 2Do can't seem to remember your login or password, and keeps reverting back to an empty login / password,... Read More
Sync with custom CalDAV server fails with No Server Found with this Hostname error
Viewed 7,423.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
If after the v2.0 update your custom sync server is no longer recognized, sadly this is partially expected as we've re-written support for 3rd party servers from scratch - which isn't quite backward compatible. Having said that, simply go into 2Do >... Read More
How do I rename a tag?
Viewed 7,350.00 times since Sat, Nov 17, 2012
Click on the top left 'tag' button to reveal the Tags Panel. Double click on the tag you wish to rename. This will update all tasks using the particular tag. Please note that 2Do comes bundled with an illustrated user manual. You'll find that it... Read More
How do I sort my tasks on the Mac?
Viewed 7,272.00 times since Sat, Apr 11, 2015
To learn all about sorting and focus filters, please have a look at the video below: Read More
The Mac app store is asking me to buy the app again
Viewed 7,156.00 times since Wed, Oct 4, 2017
All updates to 2Do so far have been free. There are no paid updates to worry about and so if you're certain you purchased 2Do earlier and are seeing a "Buy" button instead of "Install" or "Update", please try the following: 1) Try... Read More
How do I create a new location in 2Do for Mac?
Viewed 6,929.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
You need to be running 2Do v2.0 or later to be able to create, organize and assign locations to tasks. Click on the top right button on the Toolbar to reveal the Utility Panel, and then click on the Pin button to open the Locations panel. From here... Read More
Overdue tasks are not showing in the Today list
Viewed 6,907.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
Please open 2Do > Preferences > Appearance > Advanced and ensure you have 'Include overdue items' checked. Read More
I purchased 2Do from the App Store and it won’t start, crashes immediately when launched
Viewed 6,830.00 times since Tue, Nov 13, 2012
Please ensure you have 2Do v1.0.1 installed from the App Store. Read More
2Do for Mac is hanging at launch and crashing when I try to open preferences
Viewed 6,747.00 times since Sat, Dec 20, 2014
If 2Do on the Mac is hanging at launch or is crashing when you try and open Preferences, this could indicate that the preferences file stored on disk is corrupt. You could try two things: 1. Quit 2Do. Open the Terminal.app on your Mac (try searching... Read More
How is purchasing from the Mac App Store any different from buying 2Do directly from you?
Viewed 6,723.00 times since Sun, May 27, 2018
For a recent blog post on this topic, please have a look here. A copy purchased from the Mac App Store is no different than purchasing it directly from us. Both licenses are valid and you own the app 100%, without recurring payments or subscriptions... Read More
Dropbox is showing me a 509 error during sync
Viewed 6,695.00 times since Mon, Sep 25, 2017
This would normally mean you've run out of space in your Dropbox account. Please free up some space in your Dropbox account and try syncing again. Read More
Will 2Do for Mac be made free to on the App Store?
Viewed 6,672.00 times since Fri, Nov 4, 2016
Given 2Do for iOS and Android are now free to download and try, some question if the same will happen to the Mac app. No, there are no immediate plans of doing that. The reasoning behind the iOS and Android apps going free have been discussed here. ... Read More
Preferences and settings don’t seem to stick, they reset when I relaunch the app
Viewed 6,613.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
The first thing you should try is simply restarting your Mac. This appears to be a random issue affecting Yosemite users in general. This can usually also happens if the preferences file was saved with incorrect permissions. A number of things you... Read More
2Do won’t minimize from full screen mode on Yosemite
Viewed 6,528.00 times since Tue, Oct 21, 2014
To quit full screen, simply hit the 'escape' key on your keyboard when 2Do is the forefront window. Read More
Will I lose my tasks if I upgrade from trial to paid?
Viewed 6,392.00 times since Sat, Nov 17, 2012
No you won't. You can safely purchase 2Do from the Mac App Store and overwrite the trial version without any data loss. The database for 2Do is stored in central location, accessible to any version of 2Do installed.  We would however advise you... Read More
The app crashes when I try to open preferences
Viewed 6,389.00 times since Tue, Mar 12, 2013
We're looking into the cause of this as some complaints have recently come in. Please in the meanwhile quit 2Do, delete the following directory and try again as this should resolve the problem: ~/Library/Containers/com.guidedways.TodoMac Read More
2Do for Mac does not remember the window size and position after I relaunch
Viewed 6,319.00 times since Wed, Nov 14, 2012
Although this issue should be resolved in the next update, for now please follow these steps to fix the problem: Open System Preferences Click on General Make sure 'Close windows when quitting an application' is unchecked. Please note that v1... Read More
How can I bulk-change due dates of selected tasks?
Viewed 6,301.00 times since Mon, Nov 12, 2012
Select the tasks you'd like to bulk-defer Drag over the bottom left calendar on the screen, and drop on the date you wish to move these tasks to You can drag any number of tasks and drop them on any date to move these to the new date quickly. Read More
Will 2Do for Mac support Yosemite? Why is it now El Capitan (10.11) only?
Viewed 6,034.00 times since Wed, Dec 16, 2015
UPDATE: v2.2 (coming soon) will support 10.10! We're very sorry, but there is no supported version that will work on an older OS. We know this is sad news for users not willing to update to El Capitan just yet, but really, it's not at all economical... Read More
When I enter a due / start date for December or March manually, it ends up showing the wrong date
Viewed 6,019.00 times since Thu, Nov 29, 2012
This was a known issue in v1.0.1. Please update your copy to v1.0.2, if you haven't already. Read More
Duration settings not appearing in 2Do for Mac after update
Viewed 5,990.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
2Do for Mac previously had no support for Durations. iOS v3.0 introduced durations and so tasks that have durations set on them in iOS would not automatically sync to v2.0 on the Mac. To fix this, sadly you will have to open each of these tasks in... Read More
Map in trial version does not show. Comes up as an empty grid.
Viewed 5,812.00 times since Mon, Mar 30, 2015
2Do for Mac v2.0 introduces the new Utility Panel where you can create, organize and assign locations to tasks. The Map view however will appear blank - this is a limitation imposed by Apple. Only apps downloaded directly from the App Store can... Read More
2Do won’t launch after updating to v2.1 on my Mac
Viewed 5,698.00 times since Thu, Nov 12, 2015
Some users have reported that after updating the app, the app would not launch. This primarily is an App Store bug where the version downloaded did not get copied correctly. Please kindly try the following: 1. Find 2Do in Applications, delete it.... Read More
Dragging and dropping email to icon on dock does nothing
Viewed 5,646.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
Creating tasks from Mail is no longer possible given Yosemite does not allow 3rd party apps targeting the latest OS to be able to do this. You can instead have a look at our Mail-To-2Do AppleScript available here: Download Now Read More
Why does 2Do connect to amazonaws.com on the Mac?
Viewed 5,642.00 times since Thu, Mar 3, 2016
2Do uses Crashlytics from Twitter in order to keep track of real-time crash reports, something Apple does not provide us with. Apple's crash reporting is also very unreliable, and several times misses out on frequently crashing 3rd party libraries.... Read More
The counter on the application’s badge does not seem to be correct
Viewed 5,627.00 times since Sun, Jul 16, 2017
Counts that you see within the app or on top of the app's icon are determined at runtime, and so these should always correctly reflect the total and tally against the counts you see everywhere else within the app. There's a very slim... Read More
I’m looking to purchase more than 2 copies of 2Do for personal use. Am I eligible for a discount?
Viewed 4,943.00 times since Mon, May 28, 2018
Please write to us and we'd love to accommodate you. We can only offer discounts for macOS via our online store. Read More
Preferences that I set in the app do not seem to stick
Viewed 4,811.00 times since Mon, Sep 25, 2017
If the welcome screen seems to appear every time you launch the app, or any preference you save in the app does not seem to stick, chances are the stored preferences are corrupt. One way to fix this would be to delete the preferences manually and... Read More
Why is my app not launching on macOS 10.14 and below?
Viewed 855.00 times since Sat, Aug 5, 2023
Unfortunately Apple has stopped supporting macOS 10.14 and below when it comes to developer tools. Due to this, we are unable to target 10.14 and below. When you try and launch the app on these versions of macOS, the app will terminate immediately... Read More