Buy 2Do v2 for macOS

Instant license delivery. 

No ongoing subscription. No recurring payments. Own a Perpetual license.

Single User License

The single user license is valid for one user on 5 of their personal Macs. When purchasing, you will receive a single activation code whether you purchase one copy or multiple copies.

Multi-User License

The multi-user license is valid for 5 individuals with up to 4 Macs each, for both work and personal use. A single activation code is issued per order, which can then be used on a total of 5 x 4 = 20 Macs.

iOS and Android apps sold separately (one-time purchase) on their respective app stores.

Already own a license?

If you have made a purchase through the Mac App Store, you may migrate your MAS
license by downloading 2Do from our website and selecting the 2Do > Migrate your License... option.

You're in good Company

Once I used the app for a couple of days, it became obvious that this is the task management app to use.
2Do is a great choice for 99% of the Mac owners who are looking for a robust task manager to handle a variety of home and work tasks.