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App of the Year – Macstories

More stylish and productive than ever. With over 200 new features and improvements. Re-developed from ground up, with you in mind.

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Quick Add

The multi-purpose [+] button, when held down, reveals Quick Add for those times when you want to perform brain-dumps of thoughts and ideas floating around.


Pinch-in on the task list to show less information associated with each task, in order to fit more tasks on the screen, and pinch-out to show multi-line titles, notes and tags.

Pinch Zoom

Task Popup

Tap & Hold Task Popup

Just like a context menu ported from the Mac, but only better. The new Task Popup makes it easier to perform quick actions on your task using a familiar tap & hold gesture.

Tags & Nearby

2Do gives you a single coherent design and layout between the Mac, iPad and iPhone apps. A single swipe and you land straight into the new Tags and Nearby panel. Manage your tags, tag groups and perform searches like never before.

Tags Panel

… and other new features

GTD® Inbox

Sort by Tags

Batch Editing

List & Tag Groups

Search Presets




Drag & Drop

Tag & Nearby Panel

Keyboard Shortcuts (iPad)

Password Protection

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2Do for Apple Watch

Access your most important lists from your wrist, manage upcoming tasks or add new ones using voice dictation.

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Desktop-class iPad App

We made no compromise in designing the universal iPad app. Experience the best of the desktop made to work with touch instead.

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iPad Editor


With focus on reducing the number of taps required to switch between individual editors, the newly designed and refined mini-editors are fast to use and allow you to quickly toggle between screens without wasting your valuable time.

iPad Tags

Tags & Nearby

Manage your Tags, Tag Groups and Locations all in one place. The new Tags panel brings your tags out in the open and encourages you to use them more often in order to maximize productivity.

iPad Calendar Events

Calendar Events

No more switching between the Calendar app and 2Do. Manage your Tasks and Calendar Events right from within 2Do. Available exclusively for the iPad, the new Calendar Events section will keep you in sync with your appointments and events.

  • If you prefer the GTD Philosophy, 2Do might be the best tool to help you organize your time.

    – LifeHacker
  • 2Do for iPhone is an incredible to-do list app for iPhone. I think I’m in love.

    – Macworld
  • After playing around with 2Do and a few other to-do apps, it’s currently my system of choice.

    – TUAW
  • Even the most obsessive to-do listers will run out of steam before they hit this app’s limits.

    – Wired