What makes 2Do different is its unorthodox approach to Getting Things Done (a.k.a GTD), in order to make task management simpler, fun and more accessible to everyone. It manages to do this without compromising simplicity or increasing overall User-Interface bloat. 

Beehive, the company behind 2Do, is a truly “indie” company with 2Do a truly organic, “home grown” product. 

The company is run and managed by Fahad Gilani. Fahad’s diverse set of past experiences and exposure has resulted in him successfully running the show since 2009. He continues to passionately design, code, craft and maintain 2Do on all currently supported platforms. Contrary to popular belief, there are no venture capitalists, shareholders, stakeholders – or elves for that matter, involved in the making of these apps.

This personal take allows him to remain solemnly committed to the product he works on for a living, and to the company’s overall success.

Thank you for considering 2Do. Rest assured, every copy comes with a personal touch.