Simple. Powerful. All at once.

Reimagine your productivity. 2Do is now more powerful than ever.

Supports macOS 10.15 or above

Overdue notifications have been redesigned to blend in with the rest of the interface, yet remain promiment.

Click on the tag icon next to the tag to quickly filter on tasks using the tag.

To defer, copy, share or delete multiple tasks, simply make a selection of tasks, drag and then drop on the Drag Bar when it appears.

If a List contains one or more tasks that are due Today, a white glowing dot will appear next to the list name to remind you.

Quickly access all contained projects and checklists by simply collapsing the list.

Lock individual lists or the whole app with a single click.

Right-click on any list and toggle List Visibility. This allows you to optionally prevent tasks from appearing under one of the default Focus Lists: All and Today.

Every time you now schedule a task to start at a given date and time, your list remains clear until it’s time to show the task. A scheduled icon appears in such cases, allowing you to toggle their visibility.

Collapse list sections you’re not interested in and 2Do will remember your preference.

Use the one-click Focus Filter to toggle between displayed tasks and filtered tasks based on your selection of focus options, including a search rule-builder.

Move mouse over to change priority of a task in two clicks.

Hold down the Option key (⌥) at any time to toggle display of list names.

Group related lists or projects for a more organized workspace. List Groups can be re-arranged and their visibility toggled.

Filter on task titles, tags, notes, dates or create powerful Smart Lists using the myriad of built-in search options.

Group related tags together. Show them, hide them and re-arrange them.



Long awaited Actions have landed on OS X. Now you can Add URLs, addresses, or Google searches to your tasks send texts or even call right from 2Do on Mac.

Utility Panel

The New Utility panel now accomodates tags, all new Nearby feature and soon a Calendar Events view. Quickly switch to the function you need with just one click or hide the panel altogether.

Utility Panel

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Regular search doesn’t cut it? Build your own complex query with a search builder and make them into most advanced smart lists ever. You can even use logical operators and nested queries.

Quick Entry

Quick Entry works from anywhere and everywhere, just as it should – even when 2Do isn’t running. The design and layout is kept consistent with the default task editor, so there’s no learning curve.

Quick Entry

… and other new features

GTD® Inbox

Sort by Tags

3rd Party CalDAV servers


Overhauled sync

Dark Mode for Mojave

Location search


Project view toggle

Task sharing

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Improved Calendar

Ready for Mojave

macOS 10.14 is no stranger for 2Do so we added new features just for Mojave

2Do Today


Access your tasks without even opening the app. Your Today list along with Starred and a custom list are handy from OS X’s notification center

Share Extension

Share Extension

2Do plays with other apps using extensions so you can create a task from 3rd party apps using a share sheet. Save selected text or URL with ease


New Design

A modern app has to keep up with current design trends.

  • 2Do is a great choice for 99% of the Mac owners who are looking for a robust task manager to handle a variety of home and work tasks.

    – TUAW
  • An excellent task manager with tons of feature, a great UI, and an excellent iOS companion app.

    – Appstorm
  • The Best Task Manager for iOS, 2Do, is Now Available for Your Mac.

    – Cult of Mac