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Does 2Do support IFTTT?
Viewed 30,116.00 times since Sun, Jul 13, 2014
Yes it does. You can setup IFTTT to forward an email to a selected email address and then link up your email account with 2Do. Read More
Why don’t you offer your own cloud sync solution?
Viewed 17,809.00 times since Mon, Feb 3, 2014
If you're wondering why, you probably already know we currently only support synchronizing with the following 3rd parties: Reminders (iCloud), Dropbox and Toodledo. We've explained each method in detail here. Data you feed into 2Do, or any... Read More
Does 2Do support collaborative editing or teamwork features?
Viewed 17,392.00 times since Fri, Jun 5, 2015
Collaborative editing is when you're able to delegate tasks directly from with an app and collectively work on the same projects and tasks to meet goals. There are already several solutions out there that offer similar features, and sadly 2Do does... Read More
What is the difference between Scheduling a task and Deferring a task?
Viewed 15,934.00 times since Thu, Mar 10, 2016
People coming from different task management systems often get confused with certain terminology used in 2Do, most specifically the word "schedule" and "defer". In 2Do, any task with a future start date is referred to as "scheduled" whereas you'd... Read More
Do you have any plans for developing a Web App?
Viewed 13,982.00 times since Sat, Feb 27, 2016
Unfortunately not at the moment. We do appreciate you hoping that we were! Read More
Can I email myself tasks to be created in 2Do?
Viewed 11,172.00 times since Sun, Jul 13, 2014
Yes! Please learn how to by following this link. Read More
How do I make a re-usable template tasks in 2Do?
Viewed 9,698.00 times since Sun, Oct 1, 2017
A lot of people ask us about re-usable tasks, also known as templates. It's actually fairly easy to create and manage these in 2Do by simply creating a special list called "Templates". Here you can keep tasks / projects / checklists that you... Read More
Do you accept donations?
Viewed 5,645.00 times since Sat, Nov 5, 2016
It's incredible people even ask / consider this, but no, thank you so much. No donations are accepted whatsoever. Although there's a single developer behind all the platforms 2Do's been developed for, the app has always been supported over the years... Read More