How do I make a re-usable template tasks in 2Do?

A lot of people ask us about re-usable tasks, also known as templates. It's actually fairly easy to create and manage these in 2Do by simply creating a special list called "Templates". Here you can keep tasks / projects / checklists that you repeatedly re-use. To do this:

1) Tap on the + button in the left panel (scroll to the bottom) to add a new list. Name it "Templates".

2) On the iPhone / Android, in the new list creation screen, scroll down below to the "Exclude from.." section and switch on "Exclude from All" and "Exclude from Today". Doing this will exclude all the tasks you enter inside of this list so these never display in the All and Today lists. On the Mac, simply right click on the newly created list and click "Exclude from All" and then repeat the same for "Exclude from Today"

3) In this new list, create new projects / tasks / checklists etc you'd be frequently re-using.

To re-use these tasks:

iOS / Android:

1) Navigate to this list and select the task you'd like to re-use. Tap and hold on the task and hit 'Copy' and then 'Duplicate'.
2) Tap and hold on the duplicated task and then tap 'Move' and select the list you'd like it to be moved to.


1) Navigate to this list and select the task you'd like to re-use.
2) Hold down the ALT key (Option) while dragging these tasks and drop them on the list you wish to use these in. This will duplicate the task(s) into the dropped list.


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