Does 2Do support collaborative editing or teamwork features?

Collaborative editing is when you’re able to delegate tasks directly from with an app and collectively work on the same projects and tasks to meet goals. There are already several solutions out there that offer similar features, and sadly 2Do does not compete in those markets.

Having said that, 2Do does however support Shared Lists when you sync with Reminders. These are by no means a replacement for collaborative editing, however sharing a list in Reminders is a simple and effective way of allowing others to take part in completing the tasks with you, or making edits that then make their way to you. 

Simply launch Reminders. Select a list and move mouse over the list name. Click on the little ’share’ icon that appears on the right and enter an email address to send an invite. This shared list will then appear on the other persons device (and thus 2Do will sync it through).
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