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Which sync method should I use?
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TLDR; Dropbox is the recommended sync method. 2Do supports synchronization between multiple Macs, iOS and Android devices running a copy of the app. With sync set up, your lists and tasks will appear on all devices without any extra effort on your... Read More
Projects and Checklists with subtasks turn into flattened lists
Viewed 14,723.00 times since Sat, Jul 9, 2011
Projects and Checklists with sub-task from 2Do will turn into a flattened list of tasks when syncing against the Free Toodledo account. You will need a Toodledo Pro account if you wish to maintain the Project/sub-task hierarchy. If you are however... Read More
I just lost my lists on some of my devices, while lists on one device won’t sync to the rest
Viewed 12,010.00 times since Tue, Aug 5, 2014
First thing - don't panic. 2Do has an awesome 'auto backup' feature for the rare scenarios where you've lost your data during or after sync. This should never happen in the first place, but there are situations where a deliberate action can result in... Read More
One of my devices isn’t syncing correctly, it has a different task count than the rest
Viewed 11,797.00 times since Mon, Mar 2, 2015
99.9% of the times, your settings between devices may be the culprit. If, for exampe, you're seeing overdue tasks on the iPad and only tasks today on the iPhone, your setting for "Settings > Appearance > Include Overdue Tasks" is probably ON on one... Read More
My Toodledo login is not working. App says check login or password but they’re correctly entered.
Viewed 6,305.00 times since Mon, Aug 3, 2015
Toodledo rate limits login attempts. If it detects that the login was incorrectly entered a couple or so times, it will make you wait for an hour before you can try again. So while entering the password in 2Do if you got it wrong a couple of times,... Read More
I see ’Too many logins’ failure when syncing with Toodledo
Viewed 4,598.00 times since Thu, Nov 12, 2015
NOTE: In addition to the points below, this error will also constantly show if you have blocked 2Do access to your account. To check and enable, please log into toodledo.com, and then under Account Settings, click on "Externally Syncing Apps" and... Read More