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Which sync method should I use?
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TLDR; Dropbox is the recommended sync method. 2Do supports synchronization between multiple Macs, iOS and Android devices running a copy of the app. With sync set up, your lists and tasks will appear on all devices without any extra effort on your... Read More
Dropbox sync: can I read my 2Do content in Dropbox?
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Dropbox sync is actually quite different from any of the other sync methods that 2Do provides; and it is not possible to read 2Do content in Dropbox. Sync to iCloud Reminders, Yahoo! Calendar tasks, ToodleDo tasks, and other CalDAV servers... Read More
I lost all my data somehow and don’t have a backup to restore from. What do I do?
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In case you haven't been keeping backups or automatic backups were switched off (as they are in 2Do for Android) and you've somehow lost all data on your device or have had to re-install the app, one way of getting everything back is to request ... Read More
How do I disable Dropbox desktop notifications for files updated by 2Do?
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To stop receiving file update notifications from 2Do, simply open Dropbox Preferences on your machine and then select Account > Change Settings. Here, deselect the 2Do folder from under Apps (it may also appear by the name .com.guidedways.2Do) and... Read More
I just lost my lists on some of my devices, while lists on one device won’t sync to the rest
Viewed 12,011.00 times since Tue, Aug 5, 2014
First thing - don't panic. 2Do has an awesome 'auto backup' feature for the rare scenarios where you've lost your data during or after sync. This should never happen in the first place, but there are situations where a deliberate action can result in... Read More
One of my devices isn’t syncing correctly, it has a different task count than the rest
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99.9% of the times, your settings between devices may be the culprit. If, for exampe, you're seeing overdue tasks on the iPad and only tasks today on the iPhone, your setting for "Settings > Appearance > Include Overdue Tasks" is probably ON on one... Read More
I get a v1_retired error message when trying to sync with Dropbox
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Dropbox retired their v1 sync APIs recently and so any older copy of 2Do using the older sync APIs will stop working. You may see a variation of 400 errors, consistently every time you try and sync. Solution: You need the latest version of 2Do on... Read More
I lost all my data during sync with Dropbox. Can I still restore my data?
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If for whatever reason you lost your data on one of your devices (iPhone / iPad / Mac) during sync with Dropbox, you can still restore everything back by following one of these options: REPLACE DATA ON THE SERVER If you have two or more devices... Read More
Dropbox sync fails with a 504 error
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A 504 error from Dropbox is returned in case the server timed out on your request (due to network contention or their servers experiencing heavy load). This can even happen in case Dropbox has blocked access to your account in case they feel their... Read More
Dropbox is showing me a 509 error during sync
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This would normally mean you've run out of space in your Dropbox account. Please free up some space in your Dropbox account and try syncing again. Read More
Will 2Do get read / write access to all my files if I sync with Dropbox?
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Not at all. Dropbox offers two modes of syncing, one of which is using an Application Sandbox, which only allows apps to read and write to their own sandboxed and protected directory within a folder called "apps". Please read more about this on... Read More
If I select Replace Local / Server Data, the Mac app keeps asking me this over and over again
Viewed 4,567.00 times since Thu, Jul 30, 2015
UPDATE: We have this fixed in v2.2.1. If you're not already on v2.2.1, kindly download it from the App Store.  A work around is to open Terminal.app on your Mac, and type the following command exactly as is and hit return: defaults write com... Read More