Dropbox sync: can I read my 2Do content in Dropbox?

Dropbox sync is actually quite different from any of the other sync methods that 2Do provides; and it is not possible to read 2Do content in Dropbox.

Sync to iCloud Reminders, Yahoo! Calendar tasks, ToodleDo tasks, and other CalDAV servers allows users to view, create, and manipulate their 2Do tasks on a computer via a web browser. These sync methods are useful for people who want to keep multiple mobile devices in sync, but are also useful for those with only a single device. In fact, the main goal with these sync methods is to give users a way to deal with tasks in an environment other than a mobile device; these methods are particularly useful for those who dislike typing on the iOS virtual keyboard.

Dropbox sync is very different. Because Dropbox itself is really just a file-sharing service, it’s not possible to open and manipulate 2Do content in Dropbox -- the Dropbox service simply does not work that way. We have provided Dropbox sync as a mechanism for users to keep 2Do in sync across 2 or more iOS devices; Dropbox is effectively a "way-station" in the process of sending 2Do content, and changes to that content, from one device to another.

Some users with only a single device also sync to Dropbox simply to have a complete off-device backup of their 2Do content. If anything happens to a user’s mobile device (through loss, theft, or irreparable damage), and they can’t retrieve a backup of 2Do content from their old device, they can download a full backup (including all custom settings) from Dropbox to their new device, IF they had been syncing to Dropbox.

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