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Which sync method should I use?
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TLDR; Dropbox is the recommended sync method. 2Do supports synchronization between multiple Macs, iOS and Android devices running a copy of the app. With sync set up, your lists and tasks will appear on all devices without any extra effort on your... Read More
iCloud Reminders (CalDAV) sync says password is incorrect. I can’t log into 2Do.
Viewed 59,200.00 times since Wed, Oct 1, 2014
Starting June 15th 2007, all users must use Two-Step authentication on their iCloud accounts for additional security if they wish to use their accounts in third party apps. Reminders sync (over CalDAV) will suddenly stop working for you after this... Read More
All lists and tasks deleted in 2Do after upgrading to macOS 10.15 Reminders or iOS 13 Reminders
Viewed 29,139.00 times since Sun, Jul 28, 2019
TL;DR: iOS 13 / Catalina deletes data from other apps, during its migration step, if you choose to upgrade Reminders. All 3rd party CalDAV clients are affected, including lists and tasks within Reminders running on older iOS versions (iOS 12 and... Read More
When syncing: Replace Server Data or Replace 2Do data?
Viewed 26,253.00 times since Sun, Nov 4, 2012
The first time you sync 2Do on a device by whichever sync  method you have chosen, you will be asked to specify if you wish to "Replace Server Data” or "Replace 2Do Data.”  In this context, "Server” refers to the service... Read More
2Do not syncing properly in the background
Viewed 21,393.00 times since Fri, Sep 27, 2013
NOTE: If you have a habit of force quitting apps or use 3rd party apps that force quit apps (by 'cleaning memory'), 2Do will NOT sync in the background! Apps that are force quit manually, do not automatically launch in the background by design. iOS... Read More
Will iCloud sync my projects and checklists too?
Viewed 18,882.00 times since Mon, Nov 15, 2010
Yes when synchronizing to multiple devices, your projects and checklists will sync flawlessly. However since iCloud do not support 'Projects' and 'Checklists', these will appear as normal tasks under Reminders (on your desktop or on www.icloud.com). Read More
I get error 507 when syncing with iCloud
Viewed 14,282.00 times since Sat, Jan 12, 2013
Error 507 from iCloud essentially means you've got insufficient space in your account for more tasks. You may already have free space in iCloud, however this extra file-space is apparently not used for saving tasks in Reminders. The only way to solve... Read More
I just lost my lists on some of my devices, while lists on one device won’t sync to the rest
Viewed 12,109.00 times since Tue, Aug 5, 2014
First thing - don't panic. 2Do has an awesome 'auto backup' feature for the rare scenarios where you've lost your data during or after sync. This should never happen in the first place, but there are situations where a deliberate action can result in... Read More
One of my devices isn’t syncing correctly, it has a different task count than the rest
Viewed 11,908.00 times since Mon, Mar 2, 2015
99.9% of the times, your settings between devices may be the culprit. If, for exampe, you're seeing overdue tasks on the iPad and only tasks today on the iPhone, your setting for "Settings > Appearance > Include Overdue Tasks" is probably ON on one... Read More
A list that I delete reappears after sync with Reminders completes
Viewed 10,278.00 times since Mon, Oct 6, 2014
If you're syncing with iCloud and you're deleting a list that seems to persistently reappear after sync completes, that list is most probably being 'shared' with someone else OR you have the new 'Family Sharing' feature enabled on your iCloud account... Read More
Does 2Do support the Synology CalDAV server?
Viewed 9,349.00 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
Sadly, not the one we've tested against. Although 2Do v2+ on the Mac and v3+ on iOS work with most, if not all, 3rd party CalDAV servers, we have been unsuccessful in getting it to work with the one Synology server we tried so far. Their online help... Read More
Replace Server data with Reminders not working
Viewed 8,320.00 times since Tue, Dec 6, 2016
If for some reason you need to setup sync again after restoring a previous copy of your database, there may be times where due to a conflict of shared lists, 2Do in unsuccessful in replacing the data present in your Reminders account. In such cases,... Read More
I get a 301 Moved Permanently error when syncing using CalDAV
Viewed 7,268.00 times since Wed, Nov 16, 2011
To solve a 301 Moved Permanently error you essentially need to reset your account. Please perform the following steps: Launch 2Do Goto Settings -> Sync -> Sync Method Tap on 'Sync Method' at the top of the screen. When asked to confirm if you'd... Read More
Tasks I add to 2Do get deleted after some time when syncing with Reminders
Viewed 6,695.00 times since Wed, Apr 8, 2015
If you're syncing 2Do with iCloud Reminders and notice that after a while your tasks get deleted or are missing from Reminders AND 2Do then this may have nothing to do with Reminders OR 2Do. We have recently had some customers complaining about... Read More
Replace server data is creating duplicates when syncing with Reminders (CalDAV)
Viewed 5,192.00 times since Mon, Mar 7, 2016
When the "Replace Server Data” method is used with CalDAV and it ends up creating duplicate lists - that mostly just means those lists are "Shared Lists” that have been marked as read-only by Reminders. This sadly happens as Reminders... Read More
Multiple alerts that I create get removed when used with recurring tasks
Viewed 4,875.00 times since Sun, Sep 20, 2015
If you're syncing with Reminders (CalDAV), you'll notice that each time you mark a task as complete from within Reminders, the next recurring instance will remove the extra set of alerts you might have created from within 2Do. This is unavoidable it... Read More
Alarms that I share with users using CalDAV shared lists don’t sync
Viewed 4,874.00 times since Sun, Sep 20, 2015
The CalDAV Spec does not allow for the alerts to be synced across when using shared lists: http://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/calendarserver/CalendarServer/trunk/doc/Extensions/caldav-sharing.txt (see section 5.5.3) Thus, if you have a shared... Read More