Tasks I add to 2Do get deleted after some time when syncing with Reminders

If you’re syncing 2Do with iCloud Reminders and notice that after a while your tasks get deleted or are missing from Reminders AND 2Do then this may have nothing to do with Reminders OR 2Do.

We have recently had some customers complaining about something similar and it was soon discovered that they had an app called OmniFocus installed on their devices. This app apparently has a feature called ’Siri Integration’ which really simply scans your Reminders list from time to time, deletes the tasks from in there and moves them to itself instead, thus triggering a delete from within 2Do. 

We would suggest you turn this feature OFF if you wish to continue using this other app. We’re otherwise not aware of any such bug / issue in 2Do. Please write in and report a bug if you have made sure you do not have OmniFocus running with this feature turned ON and feel otherwise.
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