2Do Pro vs Basic (iOS)

For information on why 2Do is now free on iOS, please visit this link.

2Do will remain a full-featured, desktop-class universal (iPhone and iPad) app and will offer all of its features for free (starting with v3.9). You will however be able to use the following Pro features only during a trial period of 21 days. After this time, these features will be disabled permanently. Your trial begins the moment you install 2Do on any one of your iOS devices. Installing it on another device after the trial period will result in an immediate expiry. To enable these features again, you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time from 2Do > Settings > Upgrade to Pro. This will be a one-off payment, and not a recurring subscription. You can of course perform an upgrade before the trial period expires. 

Pro Features (come with a 21 days trial):
  • Sync (supports syncing with other devices running 2Do on iOS, Mac or Android)
  • Backup and Restore
  • Export as CSV
  • Alert notifications

Existing Users: If you have already purchased the app, your license will switch over to the Pro version without a hitch. Your purchase is not lost / wasted as the in-app upgrade option will be priced the same as before. In an event where 2Do is unable to detect your past purchase, simply open Settings > Upgrade to Pro and tap Restore

After the Trial expires: 2Do will not nag you, bug you or show you multiple prompts at each click to annoy you into submission. It will however display a gentle non-obtrusive reminder only where applicable, so that you’re aware that the Pro feature in question is no longer available. This will avoid situations where you expect 2Do to remind you with an alert, for example, but forgot that the Trial’s actually over. 2Do will also let you setup sync (even after the features are no longer available) so that you’re able to immediately make use of it once Pro features have been re-enabled.
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