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Learn how to capture Emails as Tasks
Viewed 239,515.00 times since Thu, Nov 26, 2015
Email to 2Do is a convenient plugin that allows you to do one or all of the following: 1) Capture emails as tasks automatically, based on a set of configurable rules 2) Send tasks to yourself from anywhere using email, and 2Do will capture them for... Read More
Can I configure the same email account on my iPad and my iPhone?
Viewed 17,807.00 times since Tue, Dec 1, 2015
In theory, yes you can. 2Do acts like an email client and so this is analogous to setting up your email account on more than one mac at the same time. The only downside is that one device may compete with another when trying to capture and sync this... Read More
Does the email feature support Outlook / Office 365 accounts?
Viewed 15,030.00 times since Thu, Dec 3, 2015
Yes, but only over IMAP and not Exchange. If your service provider allows you to connect over IMAP (check with your network administrator), you can use the IMAP settings and select 'Other' when setting up an account and enter these in manually. If... Read More
Can I configure the subject line to match on more than one search strings?
Viewed 14,824.00 times since Mon, Nov 30, 2015
Although you see a single option to set a 'Subject begins with' match for incoming emails, you can in fact use that to match on any number of words or phrases. To do this, 2Do allows you to specify a Regex search pattern, which can be used to match... Read More
I use Outlook 2013 to flag my emails, but they’re not being captured
Viewed 10,010.00 times since Thu, Dec 3, 2015
We have heard of reports that Outlook 2013 with an Outlook 365 account apparently does not save the flag on an email correctly, and so 2Do cannot pick those up. If you were to flag them using https://portal.office.com, it seems to work perfectly... Read More
2Do won’t connect to my IMAP email account
Viewed 8,447.00 times since Fri, Nov 27, 2015
This article is related to the new Email to 2Do plugin. 2Do should work with most, if not all, IMAP email accounts. Although it tries to automatically guess the default settings for your account, you may need to tweak these when trying to connect to... Read More
Will Email to 2Do support Exchange accounts?
Viewed 8,091.00 times since Fri, Jan 22, 2016
No. There are no immediate plans of supporting Exchange. At the moment 2Do will only support IMAP email accounts. Most Exchange servers support IMAP as well. You may need to check with your network administrator to obtain IMAP setup details (if... Read More
I’ve setup Email to 2Do but emails are not being fetched
Viewed 7,604.00 times since Thu, Nov 26, 2015
Please kindly read this article to learn how the feature works. More specifically, please read the section on Capturing Rules. By default if you do not alter the capturing rules, only emails that have a prefix of "todo:" in their subject line will be... Read More
I see an error when trying to login using an Outlook account: Account does not have a valid mailbox
Viewed 7,541.00 times since Tue, Dec 15, 2015
You may get this error in case you've just created a new Outlook account (or an alias) or have not used it for a long time. In such a case, the solution is to log into your account using a normal web browser and try and use your account (i.e. send an... Read More
Can I disable the GTD Inbox when using Email to 2Do?
Viewed 6,592.00 times since Sun, Jan 17, 2016
No. This is a safety net to ensure captured emails are stored in a default known location. Having said that, it seems once you add an account and later delete it, 2Do will prevent you from disabling the GTD Inbox even though the plugin is not in use... Read More
Can 2Do unflag an email when the associated task is completed or deleted?
Viewed 6,406.00 times since Wed, Dec 2, 2015
Not at the moment. A two-way connection back to the linked email is currently not possible, but may be considered for a future update. At the moment, if you wish to unflag a flagged email upon capture, please switch the Unset Flag option ON under... Read More
When I flag an email on a Google Exchange account, 2Do does not pick it up
Viewed 6,342.00 times since Fri, Nov 27, 2015
Please kindly read the Capturing Rules section of this article. Google accounts set up over Exchange are inherently buggy and should be avoided. Alternatives have been suggested in the aforementioned article. If you have set up Gmail over... Read More
Email to 2Do is not working for my Gmail account
Viewed 5,765.00 times since Mon, Mar 25, 2019
Users using their Gmail accounts with "Email to 2Do" may have received communication from Google that they have blocked 2Do's access to their accounts as Google has not yet completed its assessment / verification of 2Do's privacy policy.... Read More
Can I configure 2Do to monitor a custom folder for incoming emails?
Viewed 5,652.00 times since Thu, Dec 3, 2015
As explained in the How Capturing Works section of this article, this isn't currently possible. 2Do will always monitor the default INBOX folder. We will look into supporting this in the future. Read More
I get a ’The requested folder does not exist’ error when using a GoDaddy email account
Viewed 5,645.00 times since Fri, Jan 22, 2016
The following is related: IMAP not working with Godaddy In short, you need to change or upgrade your godaddy plan to support IMAP. Read More
Will Email to 2Do support POP or POP3 type accounts?
Viewed 5,554.00 times since Fri, Jan 22, 2016
No. IMAP is a far superior protocol when it comes to efficiency. To keep 2Do snappy and to put minimal strain on the CPU / battery, 2Do will only be supporting IMAP for now. Read More
Some emails get captured while some that I’ve flagged don’t, is this a bug?
Viewed 5,534.00 times since Mon, Nov 30, 2015
Probably not. We have explained this in length in this article, we'd highly recommend you give it a full read, especially the How Capturing Works and What Gets Captured sections. There's also a big gotcha - if you have setup the same... Read More
Captured emails in my inbox at times get duplicated across devices
Viewed 5,279.00 times since Thu, Dec 3, 2015
When setting up an email account, we bring to your attention a known side-effect of setting up the same email account on multiple devices. Doing so can result in causing duplicates to appear as both devices complete in capturing the same email.... Read More
How can I specify which list to create the task into when emailing myself?
Viewed 4,478.00 times since Tue, Dec 1, 2015
Please refer to this article. Scroll down to the Self-Emailing section where this has been discussed in length. Read More