Captured emails in my inbox at times get duplicated across devices

When setting up an email account, we bring to your attention a known side-effect of setting up the same email account on multiple devices. Doing so can result in causing duplicates to appear as both devices complete in capturing the same email. Although 2Do tries to intelligently tell them apart during sync, there are far too many edge cases where this may still prove to be difficult. Given email integration is still 3rd party as far as 2Do is concerned, finding and eradicating duplicates this way is not feasible or possible at times.

We would thus highly recommend you dedicate an email account to a single device. You may however set up as many emails in total, as there is support for, on each device without issues.

If you believe the duplicates are appearing for some other reason and you’re not using the same account or more than one device, please navigate to 2Do > Settings > Email to 2Do > Selected Account > Capturing Rules and switch ON Enable Logging. Now once the problem is reproduced, please go to Settings > Advanced and tap on Email Diagnostics. Kindly explain the issue in the body of the email and send. We will then look into this issue for you.
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