Email to 2Do is not working for my Gmail account

Users using their Gmail accounts with "Email to 2Do" may have received communication from Google that they have blocked 2Do's access to their accounts as Google has not yet completed its assessment / verification of 2Do's privacy policy. Unfortunately this is a slow and lengthy process. Rest assured, 2Do does not breach your privacy in any way or form, nor should you be concerned. We have had to rewrite our privacy policy numerous times in order to comply with Google's new requirements and are hopeful that this will get reviewed and approved soon.

Following is an excerpt of the email we've received from Google after submitting our request for OAuth app verification:

"The app verification process can take several weeks to complete. Google will not take action against apps for non-compliance with the new policy during the verification process if you are acting in good faith to come into compliance. User access to your app for existing approved scopes will not be impacted. All apps that have applied are expected to fully complete the app verification process by May 15, 2019, with the remainder of 2019 to complete the security assessment."

As you can tell, this is going to take some time. Even after Google approves our request, it would take several months for Google to complete their security assessment (perhaps by monitoring our usage of your Gmail account). Either way, we request that you either be patient, or switch to using Email to 2Do with another one of your accounts till Google approves our request. If you're unwilling to wait, you may request Apple to refund your purchase of the add-on (provided you're well within the allowed refund timeframe). 


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