Creating Tasks with Siri

2Do iOS v3.11.0 onwards supports the ability to create, edit and search tasks using Siri (provided you have enabled it in iPhone Settings > Siri & Search > Press Home for Siri OR Press Side Button for Siri)

Requires that you also enable Settings > Default Collection List > GTD Inbox in 2Do.


When instructing Siri, you need to always mention the app you'd like it to use, otherwise it will fallback to using the built-in Reminders or the Notes app.

2Do can be referred to a "to do", "to do app" or "my tasks". It may still at times fallback to using the built-in Reminders or Notes app (which is admittedly annoying), but the more you use it, the more it learns about your app preferences.

It is recommended that you use the phrase "Using 2Do" either in the begining of the sentence, or the end. This way, Siri is able to disambiguate between several other apps that offer similar functionality.

For example:

" Using to do app , remind me to buy milk today at 7pm"

"Create a new list,  using   to do app "

" With to do app , show me all the tasks I created last week"

"Create a new task,  using to do app "

"Create a new note,  using to do app "

"Show me tasks I modified last month, using to do "


After you enable Siri for 2Do for the first time, you may need to wait for several minutes before you're able to use it. 

If you find that Siri persistently keeps invoking these commands against the built-in Reminders app, try turning "Siri & Search" OFF for 2Do from under iPhone Settings and reboot your device.

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