Does the email feature support Outlook / Office 365 accounts?

Yes, but only over IMAP and not Exchange. If your service provider allows you to connect over IMAP (check with your network administrator), you can use the IMAP settings and select ’Other’ when setting up an account and enter these in manually. If you’re using Outlook 365 from Microsoft, you can use settings as described here

From experience, some users have had issues connecting to their Office 365 accounts using the above mentioned settings. The following tweaks have helped:

1. Select Other as your account type when setting up your email account
2. For username, make sure you use your full email address
3. For the port, use 993 (even though 995 apparently is the default recommended)
4. Select TLS/SSL as the Connection Type
5. Set Authentication to Password
6. Switch OFF Allow invalid certificate

If you’re a corporate user and your organization only supports Exchange, then sadly you will not be able to use that account with 2Do. 
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