A list that I delete reappears after sync with Reminders completes

If you’re syncing with iCloud and you’re deleting a list that seems to persistently reappear after sync completes, that list is most probably being ’shared’ with someone else OR you have the new ’Family Sharing’ feature enabled on your iCloud account. When you share a list, or use the Family Sharing feature, this shared list cannot be deleted from within 2Do. You can verify this by logging into www.icloud.com manually, then click on Reminders and notice that there’s a sharing indicator next to that list name. You can click on it to find out who it’s being shared with.

For example, here’s a list called ’Family’ being shared in iCloud which 2Do will be unable to delete given it’s a readonly shared list and gets created automatically with the Family sharing feature turned ON. You can hide it from within 2Do > Settings > Privacy > Hidden Lists.
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