I see ’Too many logins’ failure when syncing with Toodledo

NOTE: In addition to the points below, this error will also constantly show if you have blocked 2Do access to your account. To check and enable, please log into toodledo.com, and then under Account Settings, click on "Externally Syncing Apps" and ensure you haven’t blocked 2Do.

For added security, Toodledo rate-limits login attempts and if one device is unable to login, all other devices get blocked, and this only gets worse as each device tries to login - the more you try, the more time it’ll take to get out of this seemingly endless ’time lock’ given the last login attempt gets reset.

Given this is a change in Toodledo, the only solution is to port 2Do to the new API they introduced earlier this year (v3) - we’re actively working on it but we do not have an ETA just yet. It could take a few weeks as we need to re-write a large portion of our code and test it to ensure it works after you update. In the meanwhile we would strongly recommend you switch to Dropbox while we’re working on fixing this.

If this is not an option at the moment, the following may work for now:

  1. Delete all copies of 2Do
  2. Re-install and setup sync again on all of them.
  3. Open Settings > Sync turn ’Automatic Sync’ OFF

This will buy you some time till we work on resolving this for good
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