How do nearby location alerts work in 2Do?

2Do always had support for a ’Nearby’ feature with which you could plot nearby tasks on a map (i.e. tasks which have been assigned one or more locations).

Starting with v2.7 2Do now supports geo-fenced location alerts, a feature of iOS 4.0 and above. What does that mean? Well in short you could assign a location to a task, say ’Office’, and every time you came close to your ’Office’ you’d get an alert.

You don’t need to set any alarms, alerts etc for this to work. All you need to do is assign a location to a task. Needless to say, you’ll need to also ensure ’ Location Alerts’ is ON as an option under 2Do > Settings > Nearby. If you don’t see this option, then your device unfortunately does not support location-based alerts as a feature.

Say for instance you’ve got a task ’Pick up clothes from the dry cleaners’ and would like to be reminded each time you’re near your Dry Cleaners:

1. Edit the task
2. Tap on ’More Options’ from below in case you can’t see a ’Locations’ option by default
3. Tap on ’Locations’ and add a friendly name such as ’Dry Cleaners’
4. Tap ’Add’. You can now pick an address for this location from an existing contact, your current location or pick one directly from the map. Say you tap ’Pick from Map’
5. Enter the address of the dry cleaners and tap ’Search’. This should drop a pin when an address is found. If you can’t see a pin, try zooming out a little.
6. Tap ’Done’ when you’ve found the location you’re looking for. Tap ’Done’ again when on the Location selection screen.

You’ve now assigned ’Dry Cleaners’ as a location for your task. 2Do will now automatically alert you of this task everytime you’re near this location. You could set a due date on this task and 2Do will only alert you when you’re near the location on or after the due date.

NOTE: If your selected locations are closeby (i.e. under a kilometer or so), select Ɔ.5 km’ as the Maximum Nearby Distance from under Settings > Nearby. If the maximum nearby distance is too big, 2Do will stop monitoring closeby locations unless they’re at least that much distance away from your current location. 
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