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I lost all my data somehow and don’t have a backup to restore from. What do I do?
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In case you haven't been keeping backups or automatic backups were switched off (as they are in 2Do for Android) and you've somehow lost all data on your device or have had to re-install the app, one way of getting everything back is to request ... Read More
I get a v1_retired error message when trying to sync with Dropbox
Viewed 11,499.00 times since Fri, Sep 29, 2017
Dropbox retired their v1 sync APIs recently and so any older copy of 2Do using the older sync APIs will stop working. You may see a variation of 400 errors, consistently every time you try and sync. Solution: You need the latest version of 2Do on... Read More
Dropbox is showing me a 509 error during sync
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This would normally mean you've run out of space in your Dropbox account. Please free up some space in your Dropbox account and try syncing again. Read More
Will 2Do get read / write access to all my files if I sync with Dropbox?
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Not at all. Dropbox offers two modes of syncing, one of which is using an Application Sandbox, which only allows apps to read and write to their own sandboxed and protected directory within a folder called "apps". Please read more about this on... Read More