2Do Pro vs Basic

For information on why 2Do is now free on Android, please visit this link.

2Do is a full-featured app and will offer all of its features for free. You will however be able to use the following Pro features only during a trial period of 14 days. After this time, these features will be disabled permanently. To enable them again, you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time from 2Do > Settings > Upgrade to Pro. This will be a one-off payment, and not a recurring subscription. You can also perform an upgrade before the trial period expires. 
Pro Features (come with a 14 days trial):
  • Markdown (a.k.a rich text editing) in Notes (note: syncs with iOS and Mac but markdown preview currently not supported by other platforms)
  • Sync (supports syncing with other devices running on Android, iOS or Mac)
  • Backup and Restore
  • Alert notifications
Existing Users: If you have already purchased the app before Oct 30 2016, your license will switch over to the Pro version without a hitch. There is, however an important point to note - if you uninstall and then later re-install the app, OR install it on a new device, 2Do will not be able to detect your previous purchase. This is a serious limitation in Android apps in general, where it gives developers no indication of when the app was originally purchased. There is little we can do to rectify this. This limitation does not apply to in-app purchases (i.e. buying the Pro upgrade), which will be available / redeemable for free on all your devices. The only thing we can offer you is that if you email beta[at]2doapp[dot]com with a purchase receipt (from Google Play) that is no older than 2 years (Jan 2014) and not newer than Oct 30 2016, we'll provide you with a redeemable code and that will then work across devices and re-installs. The reason we can't provide for older purchases is due to limits imposed on promo codes and so not everyone can be entertained. Also note, license from one platform cannot be claimed for another (i.e. if you purchased 2Do on iOS and now have moved to Android, the two apps are sold separately and not interchangeable).
After the Trial expires, 2Do will not nag you, bug you or show you multiple prompts at each click to annoy you into submission. It will however display a gentle non-obtrusive reminder where applicable, so that you're aware the Pro features in question are no longer available. This will avoid situations where you expect 2Do to remind you with an alert, but forgot that the Trial's actually over. 2Do will also let you setup sync and create alerts (even after the features are no longer available) so that you're able to immediately make use of them once Pro features have been enabled.
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