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Be Quick

2Do was designed to meet your need for speed. Quickly enter your thoughts and ideas before you forget. Quick Add on iOS allows you to enter multiple tasks in a matter of seconds. Quick Entry on Mac, on the other hand, is a full-fledged task editor accessible from anywhere and at any time, including when 2Do isn’t running.

Be Versatile

2Do’s simplistic appearance is only skin deep. It can be a simple to-do list, helping you in staying on top of your daily chores, or a full-featured GTD tool for heavy taskers. It houses an incredibly powerful productivity-aware engine, and can be as fierce as your workflow.

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Be In Control

2Do offers the perfect blend between a rich feature-set and ease of use. From an exhaustive set of Sort, Focus, Tag, Location and Date-Range filters, 2Do will surprise you at every corner with the amount of thoughtfulness and care for detail gone into developing it. 2Do will give you complete control over all your workflows.

Be Organized

List in 2Do give you the freedom to group related tasks together and apply sorting, search filters and focus filters on each list separately. Combine this now with List Groups and you get a seriously organized task management system. List Groups are to Lists what Lists are to Tasks.

List Groups

Cloud Sync

Sync with multiple devices running 2Do with a sync method of your choice


Multi-platform synchronization

Reliable & Fast sync of all data across devices

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Integrates with iCloud Reminders via CalDAV

Access your tasks in a browser via iCloud.com

Support for 3rd Party CalDAV servers



Multi-platform synchronization

Access your tasks in a browser via Toodledo.com

Create tasks via email to your Toodledo account

Available for


iPhone & iPad

Universal binary for iPhone and iPad

Requires iOS 10 or later

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Reimagine your productivity

Requires OS X 10.10 or later

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Made for phones and tablets

Requires Android 5.0 or later

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