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How do I use the search feature to look for tags, actions, and other stuff?
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How do I add items to Checklists or Projects?
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2Do Pro vs Basic
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I don’t get any sound for my alarms, only a message
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Is my iOS license transferrable to Android?
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Can I only sync one list in 2Do in order to share that with another person?
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I would like to know how best to use 2Do on my Android
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I’d like to help translate 2Do
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My app is crashing or not working properly on Android
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I can’t seem to download the app, it’s stuck at Starting Download
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2Do on Android crashed or is showing an error message, what do I do?
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I can’t see any widgets for 2Do on my phone
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Does 2Do encrypt synced data?
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Do you support Student Discounts?
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My data is only partially syncing
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2Do is now free, do I get a refund for my purchase?
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Why are tasks due tomorrow showing in the Today Focus list?
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Where is the widget in v2?
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