2Do won’t connect to my IMAP email account

This article is related to the new Email to 2Do plugin.

2Do should work with most, if not all, IMAP email accounts. Although it tries to automatically guess the default settings for your account, you may need to tweak these when trying to connect to a custom account with non-standard settings. Here are a few things to try:

One thing you may wish to try is to use a normal email client on your mobile or desktop and then see if you’re able to use the same details and login successfully. If you are, make note of the settings and try using the same in 2Do. Bear in mind that some providers (like Fastmail) allow you to create aliases of your real email address, but these are not real accounts. They’re simply aliases and so you won’t be able to login using an alias. This would also fail on a real email client.

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