2Do for Mac is hanging at launch and crashing when I try to open preferences

If 2Do on the Mac is hanging at launch or is crashing when you try and open Preferences, this could indicate that the preferences file stored on disk is corrupt. You could try two things:

1. Quit 2Do. Open the Terminal.app on your Mac (try searching for it in Spotlight) and enter the following command and then hit enter:

defaults delete com.guidedways.TodoMac

Try relaunching 2Do and see if this helped. If not, try the following:

2. While in Terminal.app, type the following and hit enter:

rm -Rvf ~/Library/Containers/com.guidedways.TodoMac

Try relaunching 2Do now and it should be fixed.

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Created On: Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 11:09 PM
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