I lost all my data somehow and don’t have a backup to restore from. What do I do?

In case you haven’t been keeping backups or automatic backups were switched off (as they are in 2Do for Android) and you’ve somehow lost all data on your device or have had to re-install the app, one way of getting everything back is to request ’Replace 2Do Data’ during next sync. This can be done by going into 2D0 > Settings > Sync > Next sync action.

In case data was lost from Dropbox itself and there’s no backup to recover from, there’s still hope. Dropbox allows you to restore deleted files up to 30 days. Please follow the procedure given in the link below and restore fully the directory ’2Do’ in the parent ’Apps’ directory (you will find the ’Apps’ directory at the root of your main Dropbox directory).


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