Can I only sync one list in 2Do in order to share that with another person?

A typical scenarios is that of a ’groceries’ list you wish to sync with your spouse whilst keeping all other lists ’unshared’.

In order to do that, tap and hold on a list tab in 2Do that you do NOT wish to sync and then tap ’Edit’ from the list options sheet. From there uncheck ’Sync’. Do this for all lists you aren’t willing to sync.

Now do the same on the other device you wish to share your Toodledo account with. Leave the ’Groceries’ list  for example, as-is (i.e. leave the ’Sync’ option checked). This will effectively allow you to share a single Toodledo account between the two or more devices and only sync tasks that are inside the list you’ve allowed to sync across. All other lists you’ve just unchecked will remain ’hidden’ from Toodledo.  Also note: because you’ve marked one or more lists as NOT syncing to ToodleDo, you will not be able to use ToodleDo as a full backup of your content. In this situation, it’s a good idea to create a backup on a regular basis: tap Settings - Backup and Restore - Backup Now.

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Created On: Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 2:07 AM
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