Is my iOS license transferrable to Android?

Simply put: No, it is not.

Users who purchase an app for iOS through iTunes are buying from Apple, not from individual developers. Those purchases entitle you to install apps on multiple devices -- possibly a maximum of 5 devices -- and to receive free updates from developers.

Users who purchase an app for Android through the Marketplace are buying from Google, not from individual developers. The only way a license for an iOS purchase could be transferred to Android is if Apple and Google agreed to collaborate and to share user information, not likely something we will *ever* see.

The bottom line is: if you used our app on an iOS device and have now switched to Android, you will have to pay for the app in the Marketplace. And in case you’re tempted to ask: there is no such thing as a discount when it comes to buying apps from both market places. There is no way for us provide our users with a ’Buy one get one free’ promotion as the two platforms are separate.

It has taken us an enormous amount of work to develop an Android version of our apps. Because the platforms are completely different, the new versions had to be developed literally from the ground up. Given that reality, we hope that our former-iOS Android converts will not begrudge us the few dollars they have to spend to be able to use our app on the Android platform.

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