Projects and Checklists with subtasks turn into flattened lists

Projects and Checklists with sub-task from 2Do will turn into a flattened list of tasks when syncing against the Free Toodledo account. You will need a Toodledo Pro account if you wish to maintain the Project/sub-task hierarchy.

If you are however experiencing this with a Toodledo Pro account please first ensure that you haven’t switched on the ’Flattened Subtasks’ filter in Toodledo. To check if you have, log into Toodledo on a PC and ensure you have selected ’Indented’ where it says "Subtasks" at the top.

If you still only see a flattened list, give it a few good hours before you perform your next sync. When you’re ready to sync again, launch 2Do and create a test project with a sub-task. Sync. Then do the same by creating a project/sub-task on Toodledo. See where and when it breaks and contact us if the problem persists.

At times when you upgrade to a Toodledo Pro account, it can take up to a few hours before it enables the ’sub-task’ feature on your account. You can also confirm you’ve successfully upgraded to Toodledo Pro by going into "Account Settings" (from the side-panel on and checking under the "Subscription" field.

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Created On: Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 7:25 PM
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