I just lost some tasks/lists after sync, what do I do now?

2Do v2.0 comes with an ’Auto Backups’ feature. Before performing a sync, it automatically takes a snapshot of your Database so that you’re able to restore to it easily if things go unexpectedly.

Simply launch 2Do, tap on Sync->Backup->Auto Backups and tap on a backup (it will list the last 30 automatically created backups) to restore immediately. Restoring the db will allow you to sync again or simply change/alter your data from a previously taken snapshot.

Users who do NOT use sync: Auto backups are still very useful. Every day 2Do will automatically create a backup for you. If you think you lost some tasks or would like to go back to a previous backup, simply navigate to the ’Auto Backups’ screen and tap on a particular backup to restore.

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Created On: Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 4:03 AM
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