Does 2Do support Global Search?

Yes; your searched word will be matched against the Task Title, Notes, Due Date and URL.

But wait we also offer the best Search Engine there is! 2Do supports Full Text Search (i.e. you can use wild cards like: hospit*, train OR taxi, etc etc) along with Soundex Search.

What good is a To Do app without Soundex? Normally when you are adding a task in, you may be in a hurry and may not spell the word(s) correctly. Soundex search will match even those misspelled words simply by matching words by their actual sound. So Taxi will also match Taksi. This is extremely powerful.

So how does Full Text Work?

Full Text uses certain keywords that you can use to refine your search. To use Full Text in 2Do, you will have to ensure Soundex is toggled OFF (as Soundex will otherwise interfere and return irrelevant results where specific results are required).

To give you an example, say you create a few tasks with the following titles:

ANDing words:
Say you now wish to search for new AND job, you would type this: new job
This would return:
If you then wish to refine the search to return everything related to new job but not find, you would type: new job -find
This would return:
Similarly if you typed: a day
This would return all tasks with a ’a’ and a ’day’ in it

ORing words:
To find tasks with words Call or New in them, you type just that: Call OR new (note: Capital OR). This would return:

Matching Part of word:
To search for all tasks with the words newest, new, newer etc, you would type: new*

Matching Everything:
At times if you wish to search for a particular date range within 2Do (available from v1.1.5 on iOS), you might want to match all tasks with due dates between 11th Dec and 25th Dec. You could type * in the search field to return everything, and then use the Date Range picker to refine your search.

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